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Pressure Washing

Pressure WashingAfter a few years, high traffic paved areas such as driveways and walkways tend to look lack luster and also get dirty and stained and many homeowners start considering replacing the entire paving. But is that the only solution and is it really necessary? The fact is that pressure washing is a very effective method of cleaning cement and paved driveways, pathways, home siding, patios and decks.

This is the best solution for returning these areas to their original state. Paver Protections LLC has years of experience in maintaining and pressure washing pavers and all outdoor areas around your home. In this process, we use a special mixture of an environmentally-safe cleaning solution and water which is sprayed through a pressurized machine.

The Benefits

We use the latest equipment and shun all kinds of harsh chemicals. This is an ideal method of cleaning spaces outside your home, as well as the walls and exterior areas of the structure. There are numerous benefits to using our pressure washing services:

  • Effective - When windows and walls are out-of-reach, the technologically-advanced pressure washer that we use, delivers better results than simply taking out the ladder & scrubbing away all the dirt and discoloration. We target all those difficult-to-reach areas very effectively.

  • Pressure Washing
  • Environmentally Friendly - Since we do not use any harsh chemicals, the entire process is very environmentally friendly. If you are attempting a DIY job, you will have to start with buying a pressure washing machine as well as the right materials and this can be quite challenging. With our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience, we are able to provide you with the highest - quality pressure washing services. We do not want any toxic chemicals to be sprayed around your home and contaminating the environment.

  • Brings Back the Beauty – When you have a beautiful home, you do not want, dust, grime, pollution or moss to mar the look of the exterior. Apart from spoiling the look of your home, moss etc does a lot of damage to the siding too. We ensure that the pressure washing services that we provide are tailor-fit to your requirement and also assure that your home will be sparkling clean and as attractive as before.

  • Cost-Effective - Pressure washing is the fastest & easiest way to clean the exterior of your home and its surrounding areas. If you try to acquire all the right implements, cleaners, brushes and scrubbers, it can turn out to be very expensive. But we provide very cost-effective solutions and use the best equipment and cleaners.

  • Home Value and Curb Appeal - Pressure washing is one of the best methods of increasing the value of your home. It gets rid of stains & mildew that make a home look very unattractive. A well-maintained and pressure washed home can add close to $20,000 to the sale price of your house.

Paver Protections LLC has been serving Jacksonville, Gainesville as well as the surrounding areas since 2007. Extend the life of your siding, porch, deck and driveway with the best pressure washing services. Call us on 904-446-7807.

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